Fixed network

How it works

Sophisticated fixed network Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) water management solutions bring tremendous benefits to both water utility operators as well as water consumers. Water utilities gain significantly deeper insight into and control over operations in general and nonrevenue water in particular. Consumers gain unprecedented transparency into their water bills and can profit from incentives to conserve water usage.

fixed network water utilities
Fixed network AMI system

A dedicated and robust tower-based RF communication network system that provides a secure and reliable two-way interface between utility operational centers and residential and business endpoints. The Arad fixed network’s extensive geographic RF reach ensures optimal coverage in less deployment time and reduced infrastructure cost.

Already being used by numerous utilities and municipalities around the world to reduce costs and increase efficiency, the all-inclusive Arad fixed network AMI system is comprised of:

  • Wireless transmitting meters
  • Base stations
  • Meter Data Management software
Fixed network AMI solution

Our AMI solution offers diverse options for automated data collection and remote control of water meters. Time-stamped leak, tamper, and other alerts, along with hourly consumption information, is communicated securely through existing cellular data networks. On-demand consumption information is also available in 15-minute increments for a more granular understanding of water usage.

In the other direction, the fixed network AMI allows utilities to remotely program water meter endpoints or conduct firmware upgrades.

Key benefits

  • Proven to significantly reduce nonrevenue water (NRW) by detecting leaks quickly and even predicting leaks before they occur
  • Realtime, granular information that provides actionable insights into the health of the water supply network
  • Highly accurate and reliable data collection with no human involvement
  • Many real-time alerts to benefit both operators and consumers
  • Integrates with most billing systems
  • Wide variety of reporting and statistical analysis features

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