Meter Data Management System

The Arad Group’s City Mind platform is a powerful web-based Meter Data Management platform that helps utilities and water companies supervise, manage, and control their metering networks.

With its intuitive, user-friendly interface, CityMind provides utilities with real-time and historical tables, graphs and reports for actionable insights into key performance metrics such as comparative consumption and performance metrics over time.

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City Mind system

City Mind uses a proprietary data mining and analytics algorithm developed in cooperation with IBM water management professionals to deliver:

  • A wide range of reports and statistical analyses
  • Real-time location-specific alerts on breaches, leaks, and suspected theft
  • A seamless interface with other software systems such as billing and CRM, including SAP and


Because CityMind is a web-based system, it is available to authorized users from any connected computer. In addition, CityMind provides a web portal for consumers where they can securely access water usage data anywhere and any time, including:

  • Accumulated meter reading data
  • Rate of flow indication and alerts
  • Water loss calculations and alerts

This transparency has been proven to significantly reduce calls to the utility’s service center.

Key benefits

  • Next-generation, accurate and reliable water meter data analysis management
  • Real-time detection and alerts of anomalous operational situations, at both the network and the consumer level
  • Remote control of every water meter in the network
  • Comprehensive reports and statistics
  • Enhanced operational efficiency


CityMind is deployed by many water utilities worldwide to provide a “live” map of their water network, visualizing all statuses and alerts in a simple graphical view.

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