WMR- Irrigation/Agriculture Water Meter

The WMR is easy to install using a coupling set.

The ample space around the core of the inline helical axial turbine allows foreign matter to pass through the meter without clogging.


Agricultural and irrigation applications

Available Sizes

DN50 (2”)

Communication Types

Supported Protocols: Dialog 3G™

Supported Outputs: EV, EF


  • Minimum loss of head
  • High accuracy
  • Hermetically sealed register with glass lens
  • Optional output: EV (volume), EF (rate of flow) or Dialog 3G
  • Not sensitive to dirt

Technical Specification

  • Maximum Working Pressure – 16 bar
  • Liquid Temperature – 0.1 up to 55 º C
  • Body Material – Cast iron, polyester coated
  • Connections – 2″ BSP couplings

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