Residential Water Meter

Arad Residential - Our highly accurate, top quality Multi Jet or Volumetric water meters for residential applications. These meters can be installed with or without Arad's unique integrated AMR system. Certified by MID and various water drinking certifications.

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Bulk meters

Arad's wide variety of highly accurate mechanical or electronic bulk meters. Arad's bulk water meters are designed for use in waterworks networks and industrial application, and are proved to detect low flows and decrease the utility's  Non Revenue Water. See products.


For decades, our wide range of solutions for irrigation and agricultural applications helped farmers better usage of water and increased productivity.  Include water meters, hydrometers, fertilizers meters and automatic metering valves. See products.


An array of products for communicating with all your water meters, even the most remote ones, even from underground pits, and in compliance with your local regulation. Combined with advanced products for data collection, and a most powerful Meter Data Management software See products