smart water meters

Smart Water Meters

A smart water meter is a device that wirelessly communicates with a local or wide area network, enabling remote location monitoring and leak detection, which results in minimal water wastage.

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Water Sustainability: Management Strategies

In order to properly manage our water resources we need to first make sure that our survival needs are taken care of. In this blog post we describe some tips and strategies for managing water needs for the long run.

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octave ultrasonic water meter

Digital Water: Trends in Water Management

Over the past year a new term has emerged in the water industry: digital water, which includes everything from measuring water flow “in the wild” to wastewater management and, of course, metering water usage.

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Smart Water Meters Market

Several recently published research reports have been uniformly upbeat about the forecasted growth of the smart water meter market. With smart metering in the electricity and gas sectors approaching maturity, smart water meters are now expected to be the growth drivers in the smart meter market.

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Water infrastructer

The 3 Benefits of Upgrading to an Advanced Metering Infrastructure

There are many factors to consider from meter efficiency to accuracy and labor savings compared to the current status of the infrastructure. As much as these upgrades will benefit the utilities with better operational management of water usage, it will also significantly improve the lives of the customers and the employees.

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hackathon digital water

The Winners of the First Digital Water Hackathon

The first Digital Water Hackathon took place in Singapore from March to June of this year, under the theme of “Taming the Water Crisis”. In this blog post we describe who was behind the Hackathon, the problem statements that the participants were challenged with, and the winning innovative solutions.

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trends for water utilities

Water Utilities: Traits and Trends

It is exciting to be on the brink of a new era in the world of water, with changes taking place in all sectors of the industry. From testing to wastewater to billing, the water industry is using cutting edge technology to become more efficient and customer oriented. And these changes are happening now.

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drinking clean water

Circular Water Technology Strategies

Our planet’s water sources are under constant threat from global warming, overuse and abuse, microplastics and other pollutants, to name just a few of the ongoing challenges. Circular water strategies are an inspiring response to these threats.

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water management 2021

Trends in Water Management 2021

The stress and fear that were the hallmarks of 2020 motivated the water sector to take all measures necessary to ensure access to clean water and proper wastewater treatment as its part in the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19. Many of these measures are proving to be trendsetters for 2021 and beyond.

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Water Standards—France

With 33,000 abstraction points, 31,000 of these being groundwater resources, France is definitely blessed with an abundance of drinking water. Though many of these water sources only provide a few hundred liters of water a year, they all have to be tested to make sure they meet French and European standards.

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Water Meters vs Flow Meters

In this post we spell out the similarities and the differences between water meters versus flow meters. Hint: One measures volume while the other measures velocity.

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AS\NZS4020 aprooved water meters

Australia and New Zealand Water Standards

Australia and New Zealand are right on top of things when it comes to regulating and stewarding their water resources. Their testing programs, bottled water standards, and range of certifications are among the most stringent in the world.

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WRAS approved water meters

Water Regulations Guide: United Kingdom

Arad services tens of countries around the globe so we have to be familiar with all the water standards. During the next few months, we are going to look at different countries and explain their water testing and other water-related rules and regulations that concern us as suppliers of water metering systems. We’ll start with a look at UK water regulations.

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