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Who we are and what we do?

All you need to know about Arad group.

Octave - Ultrasonic bulk water meter

With 340,000 Octaves installed in more than 60 countries in the world and for over 13 years as the leader in ultrasonic bulk water metering…
Check out our new Octave video!

Sonata - Residential Ultrasonic Water Meter

Arad is thrilled to introduce the newest member of its family of groundbreaking ultrasonic water meters: SONATA -residential water meter.

LEAN 5S - Working method at Arad

Watch the way we work in ARAD – LEAN 5S

Arad Southern Water's AMR project

Southern Water started its Universal Metering Programme – a five year project to install more than 500,000 Arad Gladiator Water meters.

CityMind - Water Meter Data Management

Arad Group offers powerful Web-based meter data management solutions to help utilities and water companies supervise, manage and control their metering networks.

Register replacement in ARAD WSTsb water meter

The full guide for register replacement in WSTsb bulk water meter, manufactured by ARAD group.

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