Our People

Dr. Hugo R. Chaufan – Chairman of the Board

Dr. Hugo R. Chaufan

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Hugo R. Chaufan has been serving as Chairman of the Arad group since 2001. Dr Chaufan has more than 40 years of experience in both financial and senior management roles. Among others, he held a number of executive positions in Israel Chemicals, a leading multinational fertilizer and specialty chemicals company, and investment company Isal Amlat Investments.

Prior to that, he held a number of senior positions in Israel’s Ministry of Finance.

Dr. Chaufan holds degrees in Accountancy and Certified Accountancy, and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Litoral, Argentina.

Gabi Yankovitz – Arad Group’s CEO

Gabi Yankovitz


Gabi Yankovitz serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Arad Group since 2004 and has led the company’s successful global expansion.

Prior to his appointment as the group’s CEO, Mr. Yankovitz held a number of positions in Arad Group, including serving as Chief Financial Officer from 1999.

Mr. Yankovitz holds a Bachelors degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Technion – Israel’s prestigious Institute of Technology

Ziv Hilleli- CEO of Arad Ltd.

Ziv Hilleli

CEO of Arad Ltd.

Ziv Hilleli serves as Chief Executive Officer of Arad since 2018. 

Ziv has held significant management positions in the company, both as VP of Operations and Quality, and was in charge of Safety and Environmental issues at Arad.

Prior to that, Ziv held several management positions in the field of quality and also, at the development department of Elbit Systems. He also served as VP of Quality at Tower Semiconductor.

Ziv has a BA degree in Statistics from the University of Haifa, and an MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Rotem Gazit

CEO of Arad Technologies

Rotem Gazit has been the CEO  of Arad Technologies since September 2020.

Rotem joined Arad Technologies in 2019 as VP of R&D. Prior to Arad Technologies, Rotem held a number of R&D senior management positions in High Tech companies in Israel and in Canada.

Rotem holds a BSc degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and MBA from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering at the Technion University, Haifa.

Jerry Potter

President of Master Meter

Jerry Potter has been serving as President and CEO of Master Meter, Arad Group’s North American arm, since 1984. Jerry, who has been in working in the water meter industry since 1972, joined the company in 1982. During his tenure, the company has experienced tremendous growth and shown an industry-leading introduction of new technologically advanced products.

Jerry holds a BBA from the University of North Texas.

Mr. Mao RongFeng

Mao RongFeng

CEO of Arad China

Mao Rongfeng joined JV (Arad Wuhan) in 2001, and has been serving as Service Manager and then Chief Engineer until the termination of JV in 2010.

Previous to the establishment of Arad China (2012), he served in Arad Wuhan Office as a technical consultant in 2011.

As one of the founders, before he was appointed as the CEO of Arad China in 2021, Mao served in several positions including Engineering Manager, Marketing, and Sales Manager. During these years, he gained extensive experience in the Chinese market.

Mao holds a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from HZAU (Huazhong Agricultural University), and a postgraduate of Computer & Network in HUST (Huazhong University of Science and Technology).

Isaac Navarro- CEO of Contazara

Isaac Navarro

CEO of Contazara

Isaac Navarro has served as Chief Executive Officer of Contazara, S.A. since 2012.
Isaac joined Contazara in 1996 and Arad Group in 2009.
Prior his appointment as Contazara’s CEO, Isaac served in several positions in Contazara including QEHS and Technical Director. During these years, he led the technological evolution and the excellence performance of the company.
Isaac holds a Degree in Industrial Technical Engineering from Zaragoza University and an Executive MBA.


Enrico Parodi CEO of WaterTech

Enrico Parodi

CEO of WaterTech

Enrico Parodi is one of the founders of WaterTech Company and serving for many years as  the CEO.

Enrico has been working in the water and gas metering industries since 1986, gaining a considerable experience on the Italian and European markets.

Enrico holds a Master’s Degree in Fluid dynamics Engineering from Genoa University.

Victor Vega - CEO of Cicasa



Victor Vega joined Cicasa in 2000 and into Arad Group in 2014. He started working as Deputy Sales Manager, later as Sales Director and he was appointed as CEO of the company in 2019.

Previous to Cicasa, he gained experience in OEM projects for automotive and electrodomestic markets and now he leads the growth of the company in the development of new products and its expansion into global markets.

Victor holds a Degree in Industrial Electronic Engineering from College of Professional Education and he engaged in a postgraduate of Sales and Marketing at TEC of Monterrey and Sales Force Administration course from Anahuac University in Mexico City.

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