Wireless Water Meter Reading System

Arad offers two alternatives to utilities whose meter reading infrastructure does not automatically transmit meter data to a central data base: Drive By and Walk By. These meter reading solutions use vehicle-mounted or hand-held receivers to capture the signals transmitted from the advanced meters at frequent intervals over Arad’s innovative Dialog 3G™ 9xx Mhz Automatic Meter Reading/Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMR/AMI) systems.

In both the Drive By and Walk By systems, the wireless water meters are read automatically and the collected data used to alert to problems that require attention such as disconnected meters, leaks, reverse flows, battery status, tampering attempts, and more.

walk by drive by water meters reading

Remote reading of smart water meters

Drive By

Arad’s popular Drive By data collection solution delivers efficient water meter reading coverage over large areas in very short time‭ ‬frames‭.‬

Using a remote reading device installed in a vehicle‭, ‬the Drive By system can read more than a thousand water meters per hour in‭ ‬a suburban area‭, ‬and even more in areas with high-rise buildings‭. ‬The Arad meters are read efficiently and reliably‭, ‬even when‭ ‬installed in underground pits‭.‬

Dedicated navigation software helps design the most efficient reading routes‭, ‬thus saving fuel and labor costs and lowering carbon footprints‭.‬

Walk By

Arad’s Walk By automated remote systems are designed for cost-effective, efficient, and smart water meter data collection in locations that are inaccessible to vehicles.

Based on handheld portable receivers, the advanced system eliminates the need for physical access to or visual inspection of water meters.

Key benefits

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Enhanced consumer satisfaction
  • Proven reliability
  • Fully automated, with no need to manually activate the meter
  • Upgradable to fixed network with the same meters
  • Meters can store up to 4,000 readings to help the utility improve operational and billing efficiency
  • Realtime alerts to anomalous water flow rates and other meter status issues that may require attention

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