Arad Group & WaterTech—Measurable Success

November 29, 2018


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arad group and watertech

Image by Greg Altmann from Pixabay

It is always exciting when your company takes a giant leap forward. Companies rarely take the time to look back at where they were so that they can appreciate how far they have come. But there are times when something major happens and it is recognized as a true “wow” moment. This is exactly how we all felt last month when the Arad Group acquired 60% ownership of the Italian company WaterTech.

About WaterTech

One of the largest water meter manufacturers in Italy producing approximately one million units a year, WaterTech provides a full range of water meters including turbine (both single and multi-jet), volumetric rotary piston, and Woltmann. In addition, WaterTech offers electro-magnetic flowmeters, remote reading equipment and complete test benches. Their laboratories, which are among the most advanced in Europe, are equipped with ultrasonic welding machines and lasers for calibration as well as fully electronic test benches.

WaterTech, which was founded in 1999 by the Parodi family, meets all EU manufacturing standards, as well as being certified by PTB Germany, METAS Switzerland, CMI Czech Republic and the ATlab in Italy.[1] Watertech’s CEO, Enrico Parodi, has been a leader in the field of water meters for decades. [2] One of his key accomplishments has been the development of  multiservice smart water and gas meters, which integrate harmoniously as they work independently. [3]

A Larger Foothold In Latin America

In 2016 WaterTech acquired 62% of the Colombian company LASSA. In addition to distributing WaterTech’s meters, LASSA are leaders in Colombia for technical training in all aspects of water meters. From understanding the different types of meters to learning how they are installed and calibrated, they share the knowledge that makes them a leader in water meter calibration. They also advise companies on how to ensure that their drinking water meters meet national standards for accreditation. [4]

The Final Note

It is an exciting time for the Arad Group. We are keeping our product line up-to-date with the latest technologies while expanding our customer base. We will continue to offer our services around the world, with the confidence that we are the best in the business and the best for your business.


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