Southern Water

As one of the largest water and wastewater companies in England, Southern Water needed to develop long-term plans to ensure it could continue to supply high quality drinking water to more than one million households in the South of England, one of the driest areas in the UK.

Arad's Solutions

  • Gladiator water meters
  • Dialog 3G AMR system
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“Because ARAD design and manufacture the meters themselves, they are able to be flexible to meet our specific needs”

(Darren Bentham, Director for Universal Metering project)

Implementing an effective way to measure water consumption, detect leakage and encourage customer water savings is an integral part of Southern Water’s strategic goals to secure cost effective water resources in the long-term.
With the implementation of Arad’s Gladiator water meters, integrated with Arad’s Dialog 3G system, Southern Water’s customers are gaining control over their water use and their bills. The meters will allow Southern Water to remotely read the individual water consumption and send an accurate bill to each household, according to their actual consumption.
In addition, thanks to Arad’s advanced water meter features, Southern Water can improve its leakage detection, thus saving significant amounts of water and energy.
The company’s operational effectiveness will be significantly improved by implementing the programme and the level of customer service, a key factor for Southern Water, will be increased.

The challenge

The challenge is to install more than 500,000 new meters by 2015, allowing 92% of customers to pay only for the amount of water they use and take control of their bills.
Southern Water needs to ensure it continues to provide a robust and resilient water supply round the clock for future generations. These challenges need to be met within a strictly regulated environment, with the agreement of the industry’s financial regulator Ofwat and environmental regulator, the Environment Agency.