Professional Training

Arad Group offers professional customer training services aimed at running water management systems efficiently and exploiting their full potential.

Arad’s analysts, professional trainers and consultants will train a customer’s staff to make its business operate at peak efficiency.

The training services are specifically designed to build and advance knowledge and skills needed for day-to-day operation, while improving overall water metering management capabilities and saving money.

Our training experts can help staff learn how to:

  • Effectively operate the system
  • Maximize the system’s benefits
  • Reduce more NRW (non-revenue water)
  • Plan alerts wisely
  • Use Arad’s advanced algorithms effectively
  • Create their own DMA/DMZ (District Metering Area/ Data Metering Zone)


Arad offers individually tailored training solutions that meet the specific needs of utilities and waterwork companies in order to achieve the highest return on training investment.