Arad Group’s award-winning, Web-based Dialog3G system has set the industry gold standard for wireless, automatic meter reading data networks.

The patented AMR/AMI (automatic meter reading/advanced metering infrastructure) Control System Dialog3G is unique in the fact that it integrates the transceiver inside the register.

Dialog3G has the following advantages:

  • Fully wireless – With no wires at all, Dialog3G is substantially less vulnerable then other solutions to risks such as cut cables, mice, moisture etc.)
  • Regular look – The sophisticated meter looks from outside like a regular mechanical meter lowering sabotage risk.
  • Plug & Play easy installation – Dialog3G™ includes a “Self Activation” mechanism, and requires no special skills to install it, making installation cheaper and easier.
  • Sealing – Dialog3G has the highest IP68 sealing rank, as it has no external connectors and attachments.
  • High reliability – Dialog3G contains high quality internal Infrared sensors to collect pulses. The IR sensors are located inside the register, eliminating the risk of mismatch read.
  • 10 years battery life warranty – with its efficient air protocol and fast transmission, Dialog3G provides long battery lifetime for “fixed” and “drive by” modes.

Dialog 3G offers advanced alerts functionality on the following hazards:

  • Leaks – High resolution alerts on constant flow.
  • Back flow – Special mechanism to identify and store back flow consumption
  • Tamper – Special sensor identifies tampering and magnet attempts immediately.