AMR at Southern Water massively reduces water use

A study published this month by Dr. Carmine Ornaghi and Dr. Mirco Tonin, economists and Associate Professors at the University of Southampton, reveals that Southern Water’s pioneering AMR metering program has had a significant impact on water consumption – resulting …
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Southern Water Extends Contract for 5 Years

The Arad Group is pleased to announce that its contract with Southern Water, one of the largest water and waste-water companies in England, has been extended for an additional 5-year period. During this time Southern Water will continue to deploy Arad’s …
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Kfar Saba Water Cooperation, Israel

The move from manual reading to Arad’s Dialog3G Fixed Network in the city of Kfar Saba resulted in improved management, customer satisfaction and reduced water loss.

Gladiator UK Dail Dialog 3G

Dialog3G Register

The Dialog 3G™ register is unified into the water meter and set to transmit its reading sequentially each time according to its initial programmed set of time.