AMR at Southern Water massively reduces water use

A study published this month by Dr. Carmine Ornaghi and Dr. Mirco Tonin, economists and Associate Professors at the University of Southampton, reveals that Southern Water’s pioneering AMR metering program has had a significant impact on water consumption – resulting in a 16.5% reduction compared with the national average of 10%. The economists examined the consumption habits of more than 200,000 Universal Metering Programme customers over a period of four years from 2010.

The Arad Group is proud to be the vendor behind Southern Water’s AMR program. With 500,000 advanced Gladiator water meters already installed and integrated with Arad’s Dialog 3G AMR system, the contract was recently renewed for another 5 years to complete the deployment.

Southern Water supplies drinking water to more than one million households in the South of England, one of the driest areas in the UK. The study conducted on Southern Water independently affirms the value proposition that Arad brings to its water utility customers. Another interesting example of how AMR/AMI works to the benefit of operators and consumers can be found in our in-depth article A Practical Guide for Getting Maximum Return On Your AMI Investment.