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Walk By/ Drive By

Based on Arad’s innovative AMR/AMI (automatic meter reading/advanced metering infrastructure) system Dialog3G, its solutions take advantage of advanced transmitting meters which send signals at frequent intervals (every 11 seconds).

The wireless device is read automatically and immediately shows a problem that requires attendance. The reader receives alerts on conditions such as disconnected meters, leaks and reverse flows, thus reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits

  • Proven reliability
  • Upgradable to fixed network with no change to meters
  • No need to activate the meter
  • Meters can store up to 4,000 previous calls
  • Real-time allerts

Drive By

The Arad Group’s most popular solution offers innovative Drive By automated data reading and collection system, enabling cost-effective and efficient smart water meter reading.

Arad’s Drive By data collection solution offers users efficient coverage of large areas in the shortest time. The remote reading device, installed in the vehicle, automatically collects all readings from nearby water meters equipped with Arad’s advanced wireless transmitting technology. The system can read more than a thousand water meters per hour, using a single reader in a suburban area, and even more from high-rise buildings.

Arad meters are read efficiently and reliably even from underground pits. For improving operational efficiency, a 10-month reading history is provided by the meters, enabling the establishment of different water tariff systems.

Arad’s navigation software enables the designing of the most efficient reading routes, thus saving fuel and labor and lowering carbon footprints.

Walk By

The Arad Group offers innovative remote Walk By automated reading systems to be used in places inaccessible to vehicles, for economical and efficient smart water meter reading.

Designed to meet the specific needs of water companies and utilities, Arad’s Walk By remote data collection solutions offer users the ability to gather all the required information through a handheld portable receiving unit.

The advanced system eliminates the need for physical access or visual inspection of water meters, allowing companies to gather data from meters located in places that are not easily accessible.


 register Gladiator UK

Dialog3G Register

The Dialog 3G™ register is unified into the water meter and set to transmit its reading sequentially each time according to its initial programmed set of time.

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Dialog3G Interpreter

The Interpreter Universal AMR Register System is an all digital LCD encoder register that can replace the original basic manual read register on most any meter.

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Dialog3G Universal Unit

Turns your dumb water meter into a wireles Dialog3G transmitting meter. The Dialog 3G™ Universal unit enables external connection to a variety of meters types. Meters with a suitable electrical pulse output can easily be integrated into the Dialog 3G™ metering management system.

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