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City Mind - Meter Data Management

Arad Group offers powerful Web-based meter data management solutions to help utilities and water companies supervise, manage and control their metering networks.

The CityMind solution, which is based on Arad’s innovative remote automatic meter reading (AMR) system Dialog3G, provides a varied collection of reports and statistical analyses. The system offers real-time location specific alerts on breaches, leaks and suspected theft and interfaces seamlessly with automated software systems.

Arad’s solution is based on a special algorithm, written in cooperation with IBM water management professionals, to ensure the most accurate, reliable and comprehensive data mining.

CityMind’s key benefits:

  • The most advanced water meter reading management
  • Real-time detection of alert situations
  • Availability of numerous reports and statistics
  • Operational effectiveness
  • Accurate and reliable algorithms

CityMind collects water data and enables the remote control of every meter in the area. This advanced system allows utilities to manage, in a simple and friendly way, a continuous follow-up of its activities at any given moment and to automatically organize tables, graphs and reports such as comparative consumption, history deviation, and so on.

CityMind, which is already used by a large number of water utilities worldwide, provides a “live” map of the city, presenting all statuses and alerts in a simple graphical view. CityMind also includes a comprehensive system covering all aspects of billing and payment automatically. The easy-to-use online Internet-based software solution is compatible with most existing billing software, including SAP and salesforce.com.

CityMind is a Web-based system, therefore available from any connected computer. The system offers Web portal access to consumers, enabling them to access their metering status anywhere, anytime, upon authorization. This transparency has been proven to significantly reduce calls to the utility’s service center.

  • Accumulated meter reading data
  • Rate of flow indication and alerts
  • Water supply loss calculation and indication

Dialog Cellular has been proven to be a super-reliable product installed in tens of thousands locations around the world. Mekorot, Israel’s national water company, has successfully installed 12,000 units for all of its consumer connections and uses the system to generate water bills and for balancing the water network.

ARAD Digital Solutions

Web Application:

Arad's web-based application allows customers to get extensive real time information about their water consumption.

The application, which can be integrated into the utility's web site or a dedicated portal, sends alerts and predictions, allowing customers to better conserve water.


Smart-phone Application:

The newly developed smart-phone application allows consumers to track their water consumption wherever they are- including leak alerts and consumption forecast.