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Dialog Cellular 

Arad Group’s innovative Dialog Cellular is a remote water automatic meter reading (AMR) system providing a perfect solution for remote data collection and advanced meter functionality for isolated locations.

Dialog Cellular is the most advanced solution in the market, and can be connected to digital, analog and Dialog 3G water meters. With a built-in GPRS  Modem, the Dialog 3G Cellular uses available cellular networks for transmitting metering data to control centers.

The self-powered unit transmits accumulated data numerous times each day. Users can, at any time, find out exactly what is happening in their water supply network and react immediately to any crisis or alert condition.

Dialog Cellular alerts for, among others:

  • Leaks
  • Tamper
  • High and low flows
  • Water level and pressure
  • Low battery indication
  • Meter reading indication and CCW alarm

Dialog Cellular key benefits:

  • Covers “out of the way” meters
  • Digital and analog programmable inputs
  • Tamper alarms
  • Control outputs
  • Accumulated meter reading data
  • Rate of flow indication and alerts
  • Water supply loss calculation and indication

Dialog Cellular has been proven to be a super-reliable product installed in tens of thousands locations around the world. Mekorot, Israel’s national water company, has successfully installed 12,000 units for all of its consumer connections and uses the system to generate water bills and for balancing the water network.

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The Dialog Cellular 500 (DC500) functions as a small concentrator for up to 500 water meters.
The DC500 can be connected Dialog 3G water meters. With its
built in GPRS Modem, the DC500 uses available cellular networks for
transmiting meetering data to the Dialog3G control center. This self
powered unit can transmit its accumulated data several times each day,
subject to programming.

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