Site Analysis

Setting up an AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) for a fixed based water metering system is not an easy task. The communication equipment must be placed in the optimal configuration in order to assure best system performance.

Arad Group has the world’s most experienced team globally, with more than 600 AMI installations worldwide.

Arad’s team of experts will:

  • Investigate location of water meters
  • Examine physical constraints
  • Analyze environmental parameters
  • Identify special needs and characteristics
  • Initiate a comprehensive plan and make recommendations

Arad’s professionals use the best, most sophisticated electronic equipment to determine the best AMI configuration on a specific site.

Based on its vast experience in assessing the requirements of organizations in need of accurate and reliable water measurement solutions and services, Arad experts are able to provide a detailed work plan that is specifically tailored to the needs and budget of the organization.