P – Positive Displacement Water Meter

Model P is a positive displacement water meter, rotating piston type.

The flowing water causes the piston to rotate within its chamber, each piston revolution being equivalent to a known volume of water.

The piston movement is transferred by a magnetic coupling to the register which has the appropriate reduction gearing.


For residential (domestic) and agriculture (greenhouses)

Available Sizes

DN15 – DN25 (1/2″-1”)


  • Specially designed for high accuracy and wide measuring range
  • Sealed super-dry register
  • The UK version includes: IP68 Pulse under the glass register
  • Optional Electrical Output: EV, EF, ER


MID 2014/32/EU (based on OIML R49:2013, EN 14154 and ISO 4064:2014)

Standards & Certifications

Technical Specification

  • Maximum Working Pressure – 10 bar
  • Liquid Temperature – up to 50 º C
  • Body – Corrosion proof copper alloy
  • Coupling Threads (for inline) – BSP, NPSM

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