FAM – Flexible Axis Water Meter

The FAM (Flexible Axis Meter) – The new concept in design and construction of water meters, is revolutionizing residential metering.

Along with a 360° installation range and choice of connection methods, FAM offers maximum performance in a design that complies with or exceeds accuracy, operating, design and material requirements of leading standards like AWWA and others.


For residential (domestic) and Sub metering installations

Available Sizes

DN20 (3/4”)


Supported Protocols: Dialog 3G™

Supported Outputs: EV


  • The FAM flow tube can be installed horizontally, vertically or at any angle in between. Regardless of the angle in between, the measuring chamber remains horizontally. Allows easy installation without re-plumbing, making sub metering retrofit affordable in many previously impractical installations
  • Choice of connectors to further simplify installation, the FAM flow tube can be installed either with threaded or solder-joint connections
  • The FAM flow tube is supplied with a dualpurpose plug that allows water flow through the line for flushing or system pressure testing
  • When it’s time for meter installation, just unscrew the plug and replace it with the measuring unit
  • Electronic Reading Compatible: EV, all DIALOG registers including the Dialog3G wireless register




Standards & Certifications

Technical Specification

  • Maximum Working Pressure – 10 bar
  • Liquid Temperature – up to 50 º C
  • Body Material  – Reinforced nylon
  • Flow tube – Corrosion proof copper alloy, Alternative superior plastic material
  • Coupling Threads (for inline) – BSP, NPT

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