Dialog3G™ Interpreter Register

The Dialog3G Interpreter ™ water meter registers improves functionality of existing water meter installations worldwide by utilizing highly advanced, state-of-the art optical encoding sensor technology that lasts the life of the meter to reduce impeller friction.

Interpreter registers are available in two types: electro-mechanical and LCD odometers. Both are integrated with self- powered two-way radio communication 3GTM units.


  • Dialog 3G™ Interpreter registers simplify the replacement of large diameter meters, significantly reducing costs and eliminating lengthy interruptions to service
  • All Dialog 3G™ parameters are programmable

Technical Specification

  • Meter Impeller Speed -Up to 1600 RPM input rate counting
  • Power Supply – 3.6 Volts, Internal lithium battery
  • Operational Life – 10 years
  • Data logger – Up to 4000 history records

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