LoRa Interpreter Register

LoRaWAN register with radio and antenna solution for remote data transmission. The register provides optional online access to comprehensive data, including water consumption, temperature, alerts, tampering detection, and backflow prevention.

Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy allows for meter reading or configuration changes.

Overall system configuration and firmware upgrades are also possible via radio communication.

Bi-directional communication enhances the capabilities of retrieving crucial information from the meter and network.

Finally, a self-radio activation system allows pre-configuration of the meter before installation.

Can be integrated into Tavor (MJ) / PD meters – enhanced hydraulic performance and a reinforced body, making it ideal for securing your water system.


  • Dialog 3G™ Interpreter registers simplify the replacement of large diameter meters, significantly reducing costs and eliminating lengthy interruptions to service
  • All Dialog 3G™ parameters are programmable

Technical Specification

  • Meter Impeller Speed -Up to 1600 RPM input rate counting
  • Power Supply – 3.6 Volts, Internal lithium battery
  • Operational Life – 10 years
  • Data logger – Up to 4000 history records

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