Dialog3G™ Cellular – WINDRIVER Concentrator

The ‘WINDRIVER’ is a part of the Dialog3G™ AMI system.

Providing a data rich communications platform between the end point meters, boosters, repeaters and utility’s communication server.

Data flow is structured around three principal areas: Data Source (end point meters), Data Acquisition (the Components responsible for collecting and communicating the data boosters and repeaters), and Data Control – City mind data S/W.


  • 2 way real time communication between the Concentrator and the Utility communication server
  • Can be programmed On-Site by Ethernet and serial ports
  • Connected to the Backbone network via a Cellular Modem (Or any TCP/IP device)
  • Contains MMR transceiver for the 360° area coverage connected to directional antenna
  • Support up to 50K meters

Technical Specification

  • Communication for On-Site programming (Connectors types) – Serial RS232, Ethernet 10/100, ‘Cat5’ sealed caps
  • Power supply – Mains Input: 240-120Vac 50/60Hz
  • Antennas connections – N-type female + One TNC Cell Modem outlet
  • RF Range – Up to 2 Km coverage L.O.S (from Boosters and repeaters)

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