Dialog3G™ Cellular – Universal Unit

Turns your dumb water meter into a wireless Dialog3G transmitting meter. The Dialog 3G™ Universal unit enables external connection to a variety of meters types.

Meters with a suitable electrical pulse output can easily be integrated into the Dialog 3G™ metering management system.


The Dialog 3G™ Universal unit is suited for different input connection types such as the “Single switch type”, where up to four independent meters can be connected to one 3G Universal unit. Each input has its own reading/programming parameters.

“Single input type” for PD meters with a 3 wire pulse output, or serial communication for individual multi-phase electricity meters.

Controlled I/O Universal unit for MagneLatch type Valves.

Technical Specification

  • Operational life – 10 years with standard profile
  • Power supply – 3.6 Volts, Internal lithium battery
  • Input Connection Options – Dry contact reed switch, Open collector transistor or optocoupler switch, 2-wire, 3-wire or 4-20mA

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