Dialog3G™ Cellular 500 – Remote Small Concentrator

The Dialog3G Cellular™ 500 (DC500) is a self powered unit for cellular metering and control.
The DC500 functions as a small concentrator for up to 500 water meters and can be connected to Dialog 3G water meters.

With its built in GPRS Modem, the DC500 uses available cellular networks for transmitting metering data to the Dialog3G control center. This self powered unit can transmit its accumulated data several times each day, subject to programming.


  • Collects up to 500 3G meters via RF link
  • Quad band cellular network support
  • Remote parameters programming
  • Remote server time synchronization
  • Local diagnostics RS232/USB connection

Technical Specification

  • Operational life – 5 years (calculated for default use, one transmit a day with 2 batteries)
  • Power supply – 2 or 8 lithium batteries, size D
  • Protocols – TCP/IP over GPRS, Text/UDP for SMS

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