CityMind MDM software

Dialog3G CityMind is a powerful control and management system for the water utility sector.

Already in use by a large number of Utilities worldwide, CityMind provides a varied collection of reports and statistical analyses to help manage and control the metering network.

Similar to a “GPS style” interface, the CityMind software provides a “live” map of the city, presenting all statuses and alerts in a simple graphical view. For example, the user can select an area to receive instant usage summaries, alerts, history information and data on changes in usage patterns.

An easy to use online Internet based software package, CityMind is also compatible with any existing billing software.

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  • Real-time detection of alert situations
  • Availability of numerous reports and statistics
  • GPS-style map with alerts and statuses
  • Two-way communication abilities with Dialog 3G Cellular
  • Consumer portal
  • Reliable DMA (Districted Metered Area)
  • Accumulated meter reading data
  • Rate of flow indication and alerts
  • Water supply loss calculation and indication

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