Water Meter Couplings

Couplings with non-return valve – Used also as a non-return valve for installation at outlet of water meter.

Flexible couplings – Enables connecting under difficult installation conditions.

Polymeric couplings – For efficient and convenient
connection of water meters.

Jointed polymeric couplings – Flexible couplings enabling connection under difficult installation conditions.

Available Sizes

Couplings with non-return valve – DN20-DN50 (3/4″-2″)

Flexible couplings – DN40-DN50 (1.5″-2″)

Polymeric couplings – DN20-DN40 (3/4″-1.5″)

Jointed polymeric couplings – DN40 (1.5″)

Technical Specification

  • Maximum Working Pressure – 16 bar
  • Liquid Temperature – 0.1 up to 50 º C
  • Body Material – Brass/Stainless Steel/Polymeric

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