BM – Hydrometer

The hydrometer combines a water meter and a hydraulic valve in a single unit. The valve is double-chambered and is especially designed for high-pressure operation.

Pilot valves and solenoid valves enable remote and automatic transmission of hydraulic commands to the hydrometer.

The impeller is the only moving part in contact with the water.
The meter contains a rotating leakage indicator as well as a totalizer that displays cumulative volume.
The meter electronically transmits flow data to the remote control computer.
Available in globe type and angle type models in a variety of sizes.


Remote control irrigation and  industrial applications.
The hydrometer is especially suited for automated operation and may be used in a variety of pressure and flow regulation applications such as:

  • Pressure sustaining & reducing
  • Flow regulation
  • Combined pressure and flow regulation
  • Dual stage operation

Available Sizes

DN40-DN200 (1.5″-8″)


Supported Outputs: EV, EF


  • Integrated design minimizes installation space
  • Specifically designed for use in automated remote control environments
  • Wide variety of flow and pressure regulation options
  • Double-chambered hydraulic valve designed for high-pressure operation
  • Rugged, heavy-duty construction
  • Low loss of head
  • Hermetically sealed register
  • Wide range of sizes – suitable for virtually any application

Technical Specification

  • Maximum Working Pressure – 16 bar
  • Liquid Temperature – 0.1 up to 50 º C
  • Body Material – Polyester coated cast iron body, Reinforced natural rubber valve diaphragm
  • Connections – Flanges according to ISO, BS 10, ANSI 150 or others

                                   Threaded: Male BSP 11/2″-2″ Female BSPT or NPSM 2″

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