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Domestic MS

MS - Multi-Jet Magnetic

Water Meter




The Multi Jet Silver is a revolutionized water-meter with superior performances which exceed all known products in the industry. The meter offers very accurate registration in extreme flows, contributing to the revenues of the assigned customer.



For domestic, agriculture and industrial use


Available Sizes

1 ½"  and 2" (40-50mm)



  • MID 2014/32/EU (based on OIML R49:2013, EN 14154 and ISO 4064:2014)
  • WRAS 1307073/ 1504700 (not all versions- details under "datasheets")
  • AWWA C708

MS Features:

  • By incorporating revolutionized hydraulic design the meter has superior performances: Accuracy performance of Class C Maintains same hydraulic characteristics while tested in Qmax for more than 300 hours (equal to 26 years of operation).
  • Reduced head loss - 6.5 meter (0.65 bar) in Qmax Incorporates unique magnetic transmission which avoids disconnection.
  • Eliminates any previous installment requirements for straight pipe section of 10D 5D upstream and downstream respectively.
  • Optional Electric Output:
    • EV, EF, ER, Dialog 3G,


MS dial drawing

Technical Specifications

Maximum Working Pressure 10 bar
Maximum Working Temperature 50°C
Body Material Corrosion proof copper alloy, Cast iron upon request
Coupling Threads BSP, NPSM