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IRT- Water Meter

Special design with free water passage allows measurement of water with high content of impurities.





Irrigation and sewage metering

Available Sizes

3"- 10" (80mm- 250mm)

IRT Features:

  • Negligible loss of head
  • Simple maintenance
  • Field replaceable measuring unit
  • Hermetically sealed register with glass lens
  • Bearings are constantly flushed during operation to eliminate deposit of solids
  • Optional electrical output: EV (Volume) or EF (Rate of Flow)
  • Compatible with Dialog3G automatic reading system



Maximum Working Pressure 16 bar
Maximum Working Temperature 60°C
Body Material Cast iron, polyester coated

Flanges according to ISO, BS 10, ANSI 150 or others


m3, US Gallon, cu.ft, MLCentral pointer or 3 pointers