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FC- Pilot Valves

Arad Pilot Valves FC work together with BM/BMA series high pressure Hydrometers or with KBJ/KBJA series high pressure metering valves in automated environments requiring flow regulation. These pilot valves are also compatible with valves and hydrometers from many other manufacturers.
These valves may be used in a variety of control applications.
The pilot valve body is made of high quality reinforced plastic.
Calibration may be performed by means of an adjusting screw located on the top of the valve.



The model FC flow regulating pilot valve is used individually for flow regulating applications or together with a model PC pressure regulating pilot valve in combined flow and pressure regulating applications.



Technical Specifications

Maximum Working Pressure 10 bar
Maximum Working Temperature 70°C
WP 0.3: 0.6 bar
Regulation Accuracy ±8% of flow rate
Body Plastic