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Dialog3G Viper-





The ‘Viper’ is a part of the Dialog3G™ AMI system. providing a data rich communications platform between the end point meters, boosters, repeaters and utility’s communication server. Data flow is structured around three principal areas: Data Source (end point meters), Data Acquisition (the Components responsible for collecting and communicating the data boosters and repeaters), and Data Control - City mind data S/W.
The concentrator is capable of 2 way real time communication between the Concentrator and the Utility communication server. Remote network diagnostics is enabled between the utility communication server and the Concentrator. The unit can be programmed On-Site by Ethernet and serial ports; the unit is connected to the Backbone network via a Cellular Modem (Or any TCP/IP device).

The ‘Viper’ box contains MMR transceiver for the 360° area coverage connected to directional antenna (according to application). The system is controlled by an embedded controller (Linux based), supported by an automatic resettable Relay unit to boot the system in case of power or communication failure. GPRS programmable gateway Cellular Modem, Offers quad-band GPRS connectivity, links the ‘Viper’ to the fixed base system management network.
The Viper can support up to 50K meters.

The ‘Viper’ Concentrator is powered by Mains AC supply (according to the country regulation and standards). Communications comply with FCC requirements.