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Gladiator UK Dail Dialog 3G

Dialog3G Register






The Dialog 3G™ unit is designed for outdoor application as well as for indoor uses. The Dialog 3G™ register is unified into the water meter. The Dialog 3G™ can be on-site programmed by a hand held PC (Laptop), Palm Reader or Pocket PC with RF accessories.

The Dialog 3G™ unit is set to transmit its reading sequentially each time according to its initial programmed set of time (Commonly, from 10 seconds and up to 30 seconds for the Walk-By, Drive-By and the Fixed Area systems). The meter data is transmitted directly to the concentrator or via the Repeaters, thus the user can actually get an on-line reading via the CITYMIND manage-ment system.

The Dialog 3G™ unit for Water meters is self-powered by internal batteries and designed to operate continuously more than 10 years.

The main Dialog 3G™ Meter programmable parameters:


Meter User ID

A municipal Meter ID number of up to 5 digits

Transponder No

Meter’s Dialog 3G™ transponder number of up to 12 digits


The transmitted Dialog 3G™ meter reading (up to 9 digits), the accumulated and the display readout are always equivalent.

Count Factor

Meter count unit. It is a pre scale factor which is initially programmed into the Dialog 3G™ unit in order to get the standard measurement units for the system billing, management and calculation (Gallons or Cubic/Metric).


Tamper: A warning tamper sign, in case of unauthorized meter tampering. CCW: Reverse consumption by the meter.

Gear Ratio

Water meter mechanical gear ratio parameter for the 3G Interpreter register types.