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Dialog3G Interpreter -

Water Meter Register




The Dialog 3G Interpreter can replace a wide range of meter register models from different manufacturers.

Parameters Description
Description Dialog 3G Interpreter™ register for water meters
Meter Type Adaptation Adaptable to all meters types, programmable
Transmision Adaptation Optical encoding transmission, programmable gear ratio
Meter Impeller Speed Up to 1600 RPM input rate counting
Register Weight Electro mechanical odometer: 175 g Digital odometer: 170 g
Power Supply 3.6 Volts, Internal lithium battery
Operational Life 10 years
Sensitivity -90dBm
Tx Power
902 - 928MHz
902 - 928MHz
Transmission Modulation Direct Sequence (DS), Wide Band (WB), Narrow Band (NB)
Odometer Capacity 6 readout digits + 1/10 / 100 scale pointer Display - Consumption read , Flow read
Wakeup Periodic - internal timer
RTC Real Time Clock
Data logger Up to 4000 history records
Configuration Storage Non-volatile memory
FCC Meets part 15 requirements
Environment IP-68
Operating Temp operating : -10° C to 75° C ,
storage : -20° C to 85° C
Humidity Max. 100%
Reading /Programming Parameters Unit ID No 8 character numeric
Meter gear ratio 1 – 9999 division ratio
Transmitted Reading 9 digits, numeric, Identical to the water meter mechanical odometer or display
Meter Type Meter type selection:Water Meter, Gas Meter, Gas Switcher, Gas Tank, Electric Meter, Other
Reading Factor Reading measurement unit factor
Battery Low battery indication
Back Flow Meter reading indication and CCW alarm
Leak Leak detection indication and alarm
Transmission self activation
Tamper Tamper detection
Indication and alarm