AMI pilot in West End, New Delhi

In light of the Indian government’s recently announced 5-year plan to establish smart city infrastructures, Arad and SPML Infra have taken the initiative to establish – at their own expense — an AMI pilot in West End, New Delhi.

  • The pilot covers 373 households over a 2.5 km2 area
  • Annual water consumption: 300,000 m3
  • Water provision: 24/7

Arad's Solutions

Arad's AMI system including City Mind (Meter Data Management software)

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The Pilot Goals:

• Make daily water management possible
• Improve customer service and customer satisfaction
• Minimize leaks and reduce physical NRW
• Ensure accurate water measurement and billing


Immediate Pilot Results

• 99% of the residential meters are being read on a daily basis
• Drive-by/ Walk-by readings have been eliminated
• DJB has full control over all critical water management parameters,
including daily reports on water consumption
• Leakage detection has been improved dramatically