SIAEP of Marseillon

Located in the Landes Department in France, the SIAEP of Marseillon includes 23 municipalities.

In 2012, Smarteo Water- Arad's representative in France- was chosen by the association to provide a solution to an interconnection and sectorization problem.


The SIAEP in numbers:



  • 2.3 million m³: Annual volume of water taken from the natural environment
  • 0.8 million m³: Annual volume of water sold to subscribers
  • 1 million m³ : Annual volume sold to the communities of Saint Sever and Hagetmau
  • 78%: Operating efficiency of the distribution network
  • 562 km of network pipelines
  • 4,477 subscribers

Arad's Solutions

  • Octave Ultrasonic Water Meters
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“Until now we have set up 13 Octaves. Since the beginning of sectorization, in 2012, we have no problems to report. We are very happy with our decision. Octave, it’s the best!”

(Jean-François LAILHEUGUES, Purchasing Manager and Head of the SIAEP Marseillon Sectorization Project)

To solve the problem of sectorization, the SIAEP installed 13 Octaves and SOFREL communication modules (LS42 and LS500) throughout the area.
The objective was to:
• Become familiar with the operation of the water network
• Check for leaks

They did a comparison between Electromagnetic Flowmeters and the Octave, which led to the conclusion that Octave is the better meter to install.