Kfar Saba Water Cooperation

The Water Cooperation is located in the centre of Israel.


  • Founded in 1931 as cooperation owned by the residents of the city
  • Manages 33,000 water meters (95% residential and 5% agricultural)
  • Annual water use: 8 Million m2
  • Total population: 100,000 (December 2014)
  • Water loss was 6.2% in the beginning of the process, 2.7% in 2014

Arad's Solutions

  • Dialog3G Fixed Network
  • Octave- Ultrasonic Water Meter
  • M- Multijet Water Meter
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“The Arad Fixed Network Solution can be trusted and no one
here wants to go back to manual reading“
Rivka Harisson (CEO, Kfar Saba Water Company)


Although the Kfar Saba Water Cooperation had a very good system to begin with, they decided in 2007 to move from manual reading to remote reading (AMI), using Arad’s Dialog3G system.

Their aims were:

• Improve customer service and customer satisfaction – a very important point since the cooperation is owned by the
residents. To get alerts on leaks was a main focus.
• Assure accurate measuring and billing
• Minimize leaks and thus also non-revenue water
• Lower overall costs and increase revenues
• Increase efficiency of the reading process



• Drop in non-revenue water by 3.5%
• Improved leak detection
• Accurate billing
• Efficient, remote reading
• Real time data
• Reduction in customer service calls and disputes