Pilot in West End- New Delhi, India

In light of the Indian government’s recently announced 5-year plan to establish smart city infrastructures, Arad and SPML Infra have taken the initiative to establish – at their own expense — an AMI pilot in West End, New Delhi.

A Practical Guide for Getting Maximum Return On Your AMI Investment

In May 2015 we conducted an in-depth interview with KWSP’s CEO Rivka Harisson.
She talked about the background that led to the implementation of an AMI infrastructure in the city of Kfar Saba, Israel and how if affected leak detection, customer satisfaction and water theft.

Kfar Saba Water Cooperation, Israel

The move from manual reading to Arad’s Dialog3G Fixed Network in the city of Kfar Saba resulted in improved management, customer satisfaction and reduced water loss.

SIAEP of Marseillon, France

The SIAEP of Marseillon (France) were looking for a solution to an interconnection and sectorization problem. After some comparisons they chose the Ultrasonic Water Meter “Octave” of Arad.

Meimei Hadarom

Meimei Hadarom was looking for a solution that would help reduce non-revenue water. The utility was seeking an overall solution that would enable accurate, fair billing, improved water management and provide data that would be used as the basis for future strategic planning.

Southern Water’s AMR implementation

Implementing an effective way to measure water consumption, detect leakage and encourage customer water savings is an integral part of Southern Water’s strategic goals to secure cost effective water resources in the long-term.