Water metering takes center stage in utilities green investments

The vast majority (69.4%) of future green projects planned by American drinking water utilities will include water metering, according to a report released by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

According to the report, utilities have invested $4.79 billion in projects that included a green component or purpose in 2011

The report, entitled “The Fifth Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment” was presented to the U.S. Congress in 2011, but was released only on June 2013.

EPA has dedicated a whole chapter of the 67-page report to green projects, indicating that water metering is expected to play a major role in future water efficiency projects.

According to the EPA, these projects include installing water meters in previously unmetered areas and replacing existing broken or malfunctioning water meters.

In addition, it includes upgrading existing meters with automatic meter reading systems (AMR) such as advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), smart meters, meters with built-in leak detection, pressure reducing valves (PRV) and internal plan water reuse, such as backwash water recycling.

The EPA estimates that water companies need to invest $384.2 billion in infrastructure investments over the next 20 years. This includes investing in thousands of miles of pipes as well as thousands of treatment plants, storage tanks and other key assets necessary to provide safe drinking water.


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