Jerusalem’s water utility successfully deploys Arad’s bulk meter

A pilot installation of Arad Group‘s Octave Ultra Sonic Water Meter, carried out by Jerusalem’s utility Hagihon Company between 2009 and 2012, indicates that the Octave meter is much more sensitive than similar mechanical meters.

Hagihon Company, the Jerusalem Region Municipal Water & Wastewater Utility is Israel’s largest and most experienced municipal water utility. Hagihon, which provides close to 1 million customers, achieves Non Revenue Water (NRW) rates of about 13% citywide with levels of 6% in some areas.

The pilot results, which were presented to the Israel Water Authority, are based on three different types of tests.

The pilot project included the following tests:

  • Serial mounting of the Octave bulk meter with mechanical water meter in the measuring systems of four of Hagihon’s large customers.
  • Replacement of 100 mechanical compound main meters with Octave meters, in cases where the compound main meter was showing a negative measurement (vis-à-vis the sum of the sub- meters installed downstream of the main meter). The test checked the ability of the Octave meter to measure low flow rates that were allegedly not being measured by the compound meters.
  • Installation of Octave main meters in 64 new buildings

Hagihon indicated that according to their test results, the Octave meter measures about 4% more than mechanical compound meters.

Moreover, 73% of the Octave meters, replacing main compound meters with negative differences, showed positive differences, while the remaining 27% showed an improvement of 3.15% but remained with negative differences.

Arad’s ultrasonic meter is based on the company’s innovative Sing Around technology, which measures the time difference between two ultrasonic signals sent by two piezoelectric sensors in opposite directions. The flow rate is proportional to the measured time difference and the integration of the flow rate over time gives the volume of water transferred through the water meter.


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