Emerging markets to spend $46.5 billion on smart water solutions

Emerging countries are expected to spend some $46.5 billion on smart water infrastructure by 2023, according to a report published by research company Northeast Group.

The report, entitled “Emerging Markets Smart Infrastructure“, indicates that 38% of all water produced in emerging market countries is lost due to leakage from poor infrastructure, waste and theft.

The authors suggest that the adoption of smart infrastructure is the best way to address the problem, as it has the potential to save $12.3 billion each year. These solutions include water meteringsmart water networks, smart irrigation and software analytics to optimize water use.

“Emerging market nations are struggling with water scarcity and cannot continue to ignore the full cost of water and water losses,” said Ben Gardner, president of Northeast Group. “Implementing smart water infrastructure is a critical step. The return on investment for smart water projects is very positive, with payback periods often of just a few years”.

Gardner added that financing and technical issues remain challenging in some countries, but smart water infrastructure has benefits that far exceed costs in almost all markets.

“Our experience indicates that the adoption of smart water solutions is an excellent solution to detect breaches, leaks and theft in real-time,” said Rami Ziv, Arad‘s VP International Sales & Marketing. “Arad’s clients, who have moved to using smart water measurement solutions, have proved that the rates of non-revenue water can be substantially reduced.”

The report’s authors added that a failure to accurately meter and bill water on a timely basis is one of the main problems emerging markets are confronting. This lost water creates additional needs for costly treatment plants, increases the demand for energy from pumping stations, and puts added stress on already strained communities and environments.


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