Davidson Water uses Arad’s Octave ultrasonic meter to minimize loss

A pilot study conducted by Davidson Water, a drinking water utility located in Lexington, North Carolina, indicated that by using Arad Group’s Octave ultrasonic bulk water meter, utilities can maximize accuracy while minimizing losses.

Davidson Water pilot-tested a variety of meters before choosing Master Meter, the North American arm of the Arad Group, to provide 60,000 Octave digital water meters with no moving parts and the ability to capture low flows. The Octave was chosen to provide reliability and accurate data logging information to Davidson Water’s residential customers.

Robert Walters, vice president of construction and engineering with Davidson Water said in a radio interview with Water Online that some of the products on the market were problematic. He said that moving parts made some meters an easy target for vandalism, and sizing inaccuracies led to incorrect flow measurements that resulted in customers being overcharged for their usage.

Octave bulk water meter

Walters said that Davidson Water chose Master Meter’s products for their superior reliability and performance and, 10 years later, was still a customer.

“The Octave Ultrasonic Meter can capture the full range of usage to help the end user with both the water bill and the sewer bill,” said Walters. “We believe that there’s a lot of promise for the future for these types of meters because, with no moving parts, nothing needs to be repaired or replaced.”

“The main problem with large meters is to capture all the water. Customers who use large meters at times have extremely low usable flows because of leaks, and the large meters don’t have the capability to capture the very small leaks,” Walters said. “That’s the great thing about the Octave. It’s able to capture some extremely low flows.”


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