City of Le Mans to replace compound meters with Arad’s Octave meters

The Arad Group has won a tender issued by the city of Le Mans to replace its existing compound meters with Arad’s innovative Octave ultrasonic precise bulk water meters.

The Le Mans Métropole water utility will replace compound water meters, used to provide water services to the suburbs, with Arad’s Octave meters. Work on the installation of new Octave meters will start this summer and will continue until all existing meters are replaced.

The city of Le Mans chose Arad, through its local French distributor Smarteo Water, after it conducted a month-long comparison test in which it compared Arad’s Octave with competing products from other manufacturers. Le Mans chose the Octave because of its competitive price and easy installation.

“The fact that the Octave was chosen after extensive comparative trials illustrates its benefits,” said Rami Ziv, Arad’s VP International Sales & Marketing. “By using the Octave, the city of Le Mans benefits from maximum accuracy while minimizing water loss.”

“Until now, French water companies were used to working with mechanical meters in zone control or for billing big customers,” Ziv said. “Le Mans is the first to start the transition to advanced ultrasonic bulk water meters. The deal represents a real shift in the attitude of French utilities, and I am sure that other utilities will follow suit.”

Octave is a revolutionary, precise and super-reliable ultrasonic bulk water meter. With superior hydraulic and batteries that last more than 10 years, the Octave offers an excellent solution for utilities and water companies that are looking for accurate meters with no moving parts. Unlike other large meters, the Octave is known for its ability to capture even the lowest flows.


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