Arad joins the electric car revolution

As part of its environmental policy, Arad Group has started a pilot program using several vehicles manufactured by electric car company, Better Place.

Arad will provide a selected group of workers with the electric Renault Fluence Z.E. model, equipped with switchable-battery technology.

“The decision to join the electric car revolution is part of Arad’s green policy and our wish to move to using renewable sources of energy,” said Gabi Yankovitz, CEO of Arad Group. “The fact that Arad is one of the first Israeli companies to add electric vehicles to its fleet emphasizes our leading position as a market pioneer on all fronts.”

Better Place EV at Arad Group parking

Arad has installed special charge spots at the company’s facilities in  Kibbutz Dalia and Yokneam. With the charge spots and network of battery switch stations drivers of electric cars can drive almost anywhere across Israel using electric power.

As a company involved in preventing water waste, Arad adopted an environment friendly policy. All of the company’s polymeric ingredients are recyclable and its carbon footprint is carefully considered.

Arad headquarters are also based within the UNESCO biosphere reserve of Ramot Menashe. According to the UN organization, the area “encompasses a mosaic of ecological systems that represent the Mediterranean Basin’s version of the global evergreen sclerophyllous forests, woodlands and scrub ecosystem types.”

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