Arad wins Mey-Na utility tender to install new AMR water meters

The Arad Group’s Arad Ltd has won a lucrative tender to supply Israeli water utility Mey-Na with smart water management solutions. The tender is worth 27 million shekel ($7.7 million) over a period of three years.

Mey-Na is a water and sewage company serving the cities of Nazareth Illit, Migdal Haemek and Afula in the north of Israel, supplying more than 4.2 million cubic meters of water annually.

Under the terms of the tender, Arad will conduct a nine-month pilot project, which will demonstrate the abilities of its remote metering solutions. In the second stage, Arad will install 45,000 new remote automatic meter reading (AMR) water meters within a period of 27 months.

As part of the project, Arad will replace all Mey-Na existing water meters with Arad’s AMR meters. In addition, 1,000 existing Octave ultrasonic water meters, which were installed by Arad in the past, will be connected to the new meter data management (MDM) system.

Mey-Na will manage and control all of its metering networks by using Arad’s CityMind water MDM system, which is based on Arad’s innovative AMR system Dialog 3G, and provides a varied collection of reports and statistical analyses. The system offers real-time location specific alerts on breaches, leaks and suspected theft, and interfaces seamlessly with automated software systems.

“By adopting Arad’s state-of-the-art water measurement solutions, Mey-Na positions itself at the forefront of water metering technology,” said Regev Yanay, Arad Ltd’s, VP marketing. “This will provide Mey-Na costumers with the ability to get real-time information and alerts on water usage and will enable May-Na to substantially reduce the levels of non-revenue-water.”


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