Arad Group sponsors SWAN 2013 London Conference

The Arad Group was a sponsor of the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) Annual Conference held in London on May 23–24, 2013.

SWAN is a worldwide industry forum promoting the use of data technologies in water networks, making them smarter, more efficient and more sustainable.

SWAN members include water utilities from around the world, technology vendors, consultants, integrators, investors and other smart-water experts.

Members and other stakeholders meet several times a year to discuss the ways in which water companies can benefit from data to improve production, distribution and preservation of water.

The third annual SWAN Conference brought together industry leaders and experts from a wide variety of companies and organizations.Speakers included high-ranking officials from the World Economic Forum and the World Bank. All participants at the SWAN gathering received a computer mouse carrying the Arad logo.

“Arad stands at the forefront of developing smart water technologies and solutions and it was only natural for us to contribute to the event,” said Rami Ziv, Arad’s VP International Sales & Marketing. “As members of SWAN, we are very proud that we had the privilege to participate and promote the advancement of smart metering.”


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