Arad Group joins Israeli water leaders delegation to China

Representatives of Arad China, the Asian arm of the Arad Group, took part in a special delegation of leading Israeli water companies to China organized by the Israel Economy Ministry.

During the visit, Economy Minister Naftali Bennett and Shougang municipal officials announced the establishment of an Israeli “Water City” in the coastal Chinese province of Shandong.

The delegation, which visited China on November 24–26, 2014, met with various companies from the fast-growing Chinese water sector in the cities of Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai. The delegation focused on opportunities for Israeli water innovators.

Arad China CEO Nissan Barkat at the seminar in China
Arad China CEO Nissan Barkat at the seminar in China

“Israel and China are natural partners for technological and business cooperation,” Bennett said. “We have extensive experience in management of water resources, and the Water City project will help open the Chinese market to Israeli water companies, as well as advancing bilateral relations.”

Israel and China plan to implement Israeli water technologies on a commercial scale in Shougang in an effort to persuade Chinese national authorities to adopt these solutions in other cities. The city will have access to advanced technologies in the fields of desalination, sewage treatment, irrigation, agricultural water reuse, water supply, and more.

The Chinese water system faces many challenges including rapid population growth and widespread contamination of the country’s water resources.


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