Arad deploys 3D printer for smart meters prototypes development

Continuing to boost the development processes of new and innovative prototypes of smart water meters, the Arad Group has successfully deployed an advanced Stratasys 3D printer.

Arad has installed the new Stratasys Object260 Connex at the company’s advanced plastic mold department at its main production plant in Kibbutz Dalia. The new 3D printer has replaced an earlier Object Eden 260 printer.

The deployment of advanced 3D printing technology is in line with Arad’s efforts to strengthen its manufacturing competitiveness by developing new prototypes of accurate water measurement products designed to meet the needs of water companies and utilities around the world.

“We have been using 3D printing for a while to optimize our designs,” said Nick White, head of Arad’s Mold Department. “As a market leader in the field of water measurement solutions, Arad is also at the forefront of adopting new technologies for the benefit of our customers.”

Arad has an in-house molding and injection manufacturing plant and operates a sophisticated testing and quality control bench, which examines each water meter separately.

The Arad Mold department has more than 700 active molds. On an annual basis, it manufactures 70–100 new molds with a workforce of 25 dedicated and skilled mold makers.


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