ARAD Launches SONATA at WATEC Israel 2015

Sonata-Copy-2Arad is thrilled to introduce the newest member of its family of groundbreaking ultrasonic water meters: SONATA, a residential water meter. Joining Arad’s popular OCTAVE ultrasound bulk meter, SONATA provides unsurpassed performance including: reliable precision at both very low and above-maximum flow rates; bidirectional flow measurement; exceptionally long life (15 years maintenance-free); can be installed in any position; not affected by sand or other particles in the water; IoT-ready data endpoint. View the SONATA video.

It is smart water meters such as OCTAVE and SONATA that are powering the digital revolution in the water utility market.  Visit us at the TLV Convention Center, October 13-15, Hall 1, Booth 52.