Dialog3G Cellular

Cellular 2

A wireless or wired GPRS connectivity for out-of-the-way meters. Dialog Cellular is the product for those meters which are simply too far to connect to your AMR system through RF, but you still need them to connect.

Dialog3G Universal Unit


Turns your dumb water meter into a wireles Dialog3G transmitting meter. The Dialog 3G™ Universal unit enables external connection to a variety of meters types. Meters with a suitable electrical pulse output can easily be integrated into the Dialog 3G™ metering management system.

Dialog3G Viper Concentrator


The ‘Viper’ concentrator has 360° area coverage connected to directional antenna. The concentrator is capable of 2 way real time communication to the Utility communication server. Supports up to 50K meters.

CityMind MDM software


A powerful Meter Data Management system for the Utilities sector. Already in use by a large number of Utilities worldwide, CityMind provides a varied collection of reports and statistical analyses to help manage and control the metering network.

Dialog3G Register

Gladiator UK Dail Dialog 3G - Copy

The Dialog 3G™ register is unified into the water meter and set to transmit its reading sequentially each time according to its initial programmed set of time.

Dialog3G Interpreter


The Interpreter Universal AMR Register System is an all digital LCD encoder register that can replace the original basic manual read register on most any meter.